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Early forms of innovation were primitive. Before the Industrial Revolution, people relied on such methods as spreading news or information by word of mouth. This included from person to person, through a messenger, or by a town crier in some communities. Other early forms of communication were newspapers, which often printed out of date news, and several unreliable mail systems. Mail delivery was slow and unreliable, as letters had to be carried either by men on horseback, stagecoachs, or on a ship. Postage was carried in the mailbag, so these bags were often stolen with all of the contents inside. Carrying mail out west was dangerous because of the possibility of Indian attacks or attack by a wild animal.

As more and more people began to migrate west, The Pony Express mail delivery system was set up, but this system was also very slow and unreliable. It took eight days, for example, for a letter carried by stagecoach from Missouri to reach San Francisco, California. Other innovations of the Industrial Revolution such as the railroads and steamboats were also used to spread communication and deliver mail.

Pony Express

Weak forms of communication were damaging to businesses, the government, the military, and the media. The invention of the telegraph and telephone boosted productivity and effectiveness in all of these markets.
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